AJOG Volume Januari 2013 (11-20)

Covering the full spectrum of the specialty, American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, "The Gray Journal", presents the latest diagnostic procedures, leading-edge research, and expert commentary in maternal-fetal medicine, reproductive endocrinology andinfertility, and gynecologic oncology as well as general obstetrics and gynecology.

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RESEARCH-GENERAL GYNECOLOGY-Impact of childbirth and mode of delivery on vaginal resting pressure and on pelvic floor muscle strength and endurane.pdf Download
RESEARCH-GENERAL GYNECOLOGY-Cotton-tipped appliator test-validity and reliability in chronic pelvic pain.pdf Download
RESEARCH-GENERAL GYNECOLOGY-Common postoperative pulmonary complications after hysterectomy for beningn indications.pdf Download
RESEARCH-OBSTETRICS-Adverse outcomes in twin pregnancies complicated by early vaginal bleeding.pdf Download
RESEARCH-OBSTETRICS-First-trimester metabolomic detection of late-onset preeclampsia.pdf Download
RESEARCH-OBSTETRICS-Fibroid tumors are not a risk factor for adverse outcomes in twin pregnancies.pdf Download
RESEARCH-OBSTETRICS-Monitoring uterine activity during labor-a comparison of 3 methods.pdf Download
RESEARCH-OBSTETRICS-Maternal autoantibody levels in congenital heart block and potential prophylaxis with antiinflammatory agents.pdf Download
RESEARCH-OBSTETRICS-Blunt vs sharp uterine expansion at lower segment cesarean section delivery- as ystemati review with metaanalysis.pdf Download
RESEARCH-OBSTETRICS-Is maternal posturing during labor efficient in preventing POPP.pdf Download

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