Contraception Journal, Agustus 2013

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1376270207wpdm_Comparison of serum and cervical mucus hormone levels during hormone-free interval of 4 vs. 7 combined oral contraceptive.pdf Download
Ethinyl estradiol and 17β-estradiol in combined oral contraceptives- pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and risk assessment.pdf Download
Evaluation by email.pdf Download
Impact of provider training.pdf Download
Intrauterine infusion of lidocaine does not reduce pain scores during IUD insertion.pdf Download
Medical students IUD knowledge.pdf Download
1376270307wpdm_Medroxyprogesterone acetate and estradiol cypionate injectable suspension (Cyclofem) monthly contraceptive injection- steady-st.pdf Download
1376270314wpdm_Pharmacokinetic study of single and multiple oral administrations of 2 mg dienogest in healthy Korean women.pdf Download
Team based learning.pdf Download
Women\\ Download

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