Fertility and Sterility (Agustus 2013)

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Acceptable cost for the patient and society.pdf Download
Affordable in vitro fertilization.pdf Download
Does the time interval between .pdf Download
Filling the void about sperm function knowledge and how the -omics approach can close the circle.pdf Download
Low tolerance for complications.pdf Download
Optimal in vitro fertilization in 2020 should reduce treatment burden and enhance care delivery for patients and staff.pdf Download
Optimal in vitro fertilization in 2020- the global perspective.pdf Download
Prediction of an excessive response in in vitro fertilization from patient characteristics and ovarian reserve tests and comparison in subgroups- an individual patient data meta-analysis.pdf Download
Predictors of ovarian response in women treated with corifollitropin alfa for in vitro fertilization: intracytoplasmic sperm injection.pdf Download
Reduced oxygen tension improves embryo quality but not clinical pregnancy rates- a randomized clinical study into ovum donation cycles.pdf Download
Risk-sharing or refund programs in assisted reproduction- a committee opinion.pdf Download
Sperm vacuoles negatively affect outcomes in intracytoplasmic morphologically selected sperm injection in terms of pregnancy, implantation, and live-birth rates.pdf Download
The assisted reproductive technology laboratory- toward evidence-based practice?.pdf Download
The impact of culture conditions on early follicle recruitment and growth from human ovarian cortex biopsies in vitro.pdf Download
The nose knows tubal function?.pdf Download
Training in embryo transfer- how should it be done.pdf Download
Use of clomiphene citrate in infertile women- a committee opinion.pdf Download

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