Fertility and Sterility Volume 99, issue 1 (January 2013)

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A common Asn680Ser polymorphism in the follicle-stimulating hormone receptor gene is not associated with ovarian response to gonadotropin stimulation in patients undergoing in vitro fertilization.pdf Download
Aging gonads, glands, and gametes.pdf Download
Allotransplantation of cryopreserved prepubertal mouse ovaries restored puberty and fertility without affecting methylation profile of Snrpn-DMR.pdf Download
Association, prevalence, and clearance of human papillomavirus and antisperm antibodies in infected semen samples from infertile patients.pdf Download
Attractiveness of women with rectovaginal endometriosis- a case-control study.pdf Download
Cardiac autonomic modulation in polycystic ovary syndrome- does the phenotype matter?.pdf Download
Criteria for number of embryos to transfer- a committee opinion.pdf Download
Daftar isi Vol99no1, January 2013.pdf Download
Defective protein kinase A and C pathways are common causes of disordered zona pellucida (ZP)–induced acrosome reaction in normozoospermic infertile men with normal sperm-ZP binding.pdf Download
Definitions of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss- a committee opinion.pdf Download
Differential expression of G-protein-coupled estrogen receptor-30 in human myometrial and uterine leiomyoma smooth muscle.pdf Download
Dysmenorrhea and its severity are associated with increased uterine contractility and overexpression of oxytocin receptor (OTR) in women with symptomatic adenomyosis.pdf Download
Effect of cigarette smoking on human oviductal ciliation and ciliogenesis.pdf Download
Elective cryopreservation of all embryos with subsequent cryothaw embryo transfer in patients at risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome reduces the risk of adverse obstetric outcomes- a preliminary study.pdf Download
Endometrin as luteal phase support in assisted reproduction.pdf Download
Fresh embryo transfer versus frozen embryo transfer in in vitro fertilization cycles- a systematic review and meta-analysis.pdf Download
G-protein b3 subunit gene 825C:T polymorphism and its association with the presence, severity, and duration of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction.pdf Download
Interleukin-19 and interleukin-22 serum levels are decreased in patients with ovarian endometrioma.pdf Download
Involvement of the inflammasome in abnormal semen quality of men with spinal cord injury.pdf Download
Live birth after orthotopic grafting of autologous cryopreserved ovarian tissue and spontaneous conception in Italy.pdf Download
Mature oocyte cryopreservation- a guideline.pdf Download
Modifiable aspects of in vitro fertilization to reduce perinatal morbidity.pdf Download
Number and sequence of preceding miscarriages and maternal age for the prediction of antiphospholipid syndrome in women with recurrent miscarriage.pdf Download
Perfringolysin O as a useful tool to study human sperm physiology.pdf Download
Phospholipase Cz rescues failed oocyte activation in a prototype of male factor infertility.pdf Download
Pituitary origin of persistently elevated human chorionic gonadotropin in a patient with gonadal failure.pdf Download
Pregnancy in dark winters- implications for fetal bone growth?.pdf Download
Progestin-induced heart and neural crest derivatives expressed transcript 2 is associated with fibulin-1 expression in human endometrial stromal cells.pdf Download
Proinflammatory cytokines induced altered expression of cyclooxygenase-2 gene results in unreceptive endometrium in women with idiopathic recurrent spontaneous miscarriage.pdf Download
Proteomic analysis of seminal plasma in adolescents with and without varicocele.pdf Download
Recommendations for gamete and embryo donation- a committee opinion.pdf Download
Reduced versus nonreduced twin pregnancies- obstetric performance in a cohort of interventional conceptions.pdf Download
Relationships between the luteinizing hormone surge and other characteristics of the menstrual cycle in normally ovulating women.pdf Download
Role of decreased androgens in the ovarian response to stimulation in older women.pdf Download
Role of increased male age in IVF and egg donation- is sperm DNA fragmentation responsible?.pdf Download
Serum insulin-like factor 3 is highly correlated with intratesticular testosterone in normal men with acute, experimental gonadotropin deficiency stimulated with low-dose human chorionic gonadotropin- a randomized, controlled trial.pdf Download
Telomeres and human reproduction.pdf Download
Testosterone secretion in elite adolescent swimmers does not modify bone mass acquisition- a 1-year follow-up study.pdf Download
The aging oocyte—can mitochondrial function be improved?.pdf Download
The aging ovary, the poor granulosa cells.pdf Download
The levels of hepatocyte growth factor in serum and follicular fluid and the expression of c-Met in granulosa cells in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome.pdf Download
The significance of insulin-like factor 3 as a marker of intratesticular testosterone.pdf Download
Validation of a clinical risk scoring system, based solely on clinical presentation, for the management of pregnancy of unknown location.pdf Download
Variance in total levels of phospholipase C zeta (PLC-z) in human sperm may limit the applicability of quantitative immunofluorescent analysis as a diagnostic indicator of oocyte activation capability.pdf Download
What proteomic analysis of semen can tell us?.pdf Download
Clomiphene citrate potentiates the adverse effects of estrogen on rat testis and down-regulates the expression of steroidogenic enzyme genes.pdf Download

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