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1387806158wpdm_Cycle cancellation and pregnancy after luteal estradiol priming in women definedaspoor responders- a systematic review and meta-analysis.pdf Download
Follicular flushing and in vitro fertilization outcomes in the poorest responders- a randomized controlled trial.pdf Download
Individualized decision-making in IVF- calculating the chances of pregnancy.pdf Download
LNG-IUS versus oral progestogen treatment for endometrial hyperplasia- a long-term comparative cohort study.pdf Download
MicroRNAs- new candidates for the regulation of the human cumulus–oocyte complex.pdf Download
Ranking and selection of MII oocytes in human ICSI cycles using gene expression levels from associated cumulus cells.pdf Download
The time aspect in storing vitrified blastocysts- its impact on survival rate, implantation potential and babies born.pdf Download
Twenty years of Cochrane reviews in menstrual disorders and subfertility.pdf Download
Uterine length and fertility outcomes- a cohort study in the IVF population.pdf Download

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