Contraception Journal, Mei 2013

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Women\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Download
Therapeutically equivalent pharmacokinetic profile across three application sites for AG200-15, a novel low-estrogen dose contr.pdf Download
The use of dual or two methods for pregnancy and HIV prevention amongst 18?24-year-olds in a cross-sectional study conducted.pdf Download
Social marketing of emergency contraception- Are we missing a valuable opportunity.pdf Download
Pharmacokinetic study of single and multiple oral administrations of 2 mg dienogest in healthy Korean women.pdf Download
Medroxyprogesterone acetate and estradiol cypionate injectable suspension (Cyclofem) monthly contraceptive injection- steady-st.pdf Download
Is lipid profile determination necessary in women wishing to use oral contraceptives_.pdf Download
Ethinyl estradiol and 17?-estradiol in combined oral contraceptives- pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and risk assessment.pd.pdf Download
Effects of combined oral contraceptives containing levonorgestrel or chlormadinone on the endothelium.pdf Download
Controversies in family planning- management of second-trimester losses in the setting of an abdominal cerclage.pdf Download
Comparison of serum and cervical mucus hormone levels during hormone-free interval of 24_4 vs. 21_7 combined oral contraceptive.pdf Download

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